Email Marketing Services to Acquire, Grow and Retain Customers


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with several email marketing service providers and Sailthru has been the first company that has been a true partner to us.”

Monica Deretich


+50% increase in email conversion rate
 46%  decrease in customer churn rate
 +39% increase in email revenue using personalized product recommendations

High Performance Email Marketing

Sailthru powers all of your email marketing needs. From basic campaigns, to transactionals, automated streams and advanced personalization — we have you covered. And we don’t just help you send email, we enrich and optimize your email marketing strategy with world-class managed services.

Send More Effective Email

Email is the highest ROI channel, but 90% of campaigns fail to meet basic benchmarks. We’ll show you how.

Impact the Metrics that Matter

Increase open rates, clickthrough rates, customer lifetime value and more with Sailthru-powered email marketing.

Act on the Future

Most email marketing programs only incorporate data from the past. With Sailthru you’ll anticipate and act on what your customers are most likely to do, and purchase, next.

Deliver with Confidence

Sailthru is proud to have an in-house Deliverability team with the industry’s brightest deliverability experts. Improve your sending reputation and get unparalleled access to the deliverability best practices that help you reach every customer.


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Connect Email to the Bigger Picture

Email cannot be an island. As consumers become more mobile, email is wherever your customers are and it’s critical for marketers to connect email to other channels to create a seamless cross-channel experience. With Sailthru, true cross-channel has never been easier to achieve.

Create Seamless Experiences

Coordinate experiences between email, mobile and web to ensure every customer receives relevant messages on the channel where they’re most likely to take action.

Transcend Journeys

Move beyond pre-built journeys that assume all of your customers want to follow the same path. Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer customizes brand experiences based on the needs of an individual.

Moments that Matter

Sailthru triggers make sure those important moments with your customers count. Whether you’re looking for personalized transactions or complex 1:1 communications, triggers help you build relationships outside of campaigns.

Build Market Leading Customer Profiles

Automatically collect data from all channels and create omnichannel profiles to deliver relevant and contextual email, web and mobile experiences to every individual customer.


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