Advance Email Marketing Segmentation to Amplify Results


“Sailthru was like a revelation for us; they’ve always been out in front as one of the leaders in making sure we’re collecting data on individuals the right way.”

Adam Schwartz
COO & Co-Founder
+400% increase in email revenue
 +34% increase in incremental revenue

Email Marketing Solutions to Power Contextual Marketing and Segments Beyond Demographics

Segmentation is a critical lever for any digital marketing program, but it’s challenging. Identifying top customers often takes complicated analysis and determining the right mix of behaviors to drive revenue at every stage of the customer lifecycle can feel overwhelming. With Sailthru, it’s now easier than ever to advance your approach to email marketing segmentation.

Build Your Data Asset with Customer Profiles

Effective segmentation requires foundational data. Automatically collect data from all channels and create cross-channel profiles to deliver relevant and contextual emails to every individual customer.

Advance Segmentation and Personalization

Easily segment customers based on multiple dimensions, including engagement, interests, past behaviors and even predicted behaviors — and then deliver personalized experiences to your individual customers based on their specific interests and likelihood to purchase and engage.

Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

Deploy automated messages to your customers based on data from email, onsite, and mobile, and deliver those messages to any device or browser your customer may use.

Receive Insights That Matter

Access real-time reporting and long-term marketing analytics that focus on the behaviors and interests of your customers, not just traditional click-through data, to help your email marketing strategy get smarter over time.

Lift Email Performance Metrics and Enhance Email Strategy

An intelligent approach to segmentation can do wonders for your email marketing program. While many marketers see lifts in opens and clickthrough for traditional segmentation, Sailthru-powered segmentation can have a dramatic effect email revenue, purchase conversion, retention rates and business revenue.

Smarter Segments with Ease

By drawing in robust customer variables, actions, interests, and purchases rooted in the central customer profile, options for segmentation that work for your brand are limitless. Make segmentation a snap using Sailthru’s Audience Builder and Smart Lists by creating audience segments that dynamically flow customers in and out of lists. It makes the complex, simple in a way that you’ve never seen.

Engage Based on Lifecycle Stage

Email messaging is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Why would you speak to long-standing customers the same way as someone who you just acquired? With Sailthru segmentation you can tailor the right message at the right time to every customer, no matter what stage they are in the lifecycle with your brand.

Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

You know your loyal customers are precious. Treat them like royals with messaging catered to loyalty tiers, special product launches, promotions and more. You can even find your ideal customers using Sailthru lookalike segments on partner platforms including Facebook and Google.

Segmentation + Predictions = Perfect Match

Take your segmentation to a whole new level with Sailthru’s Prediction Manager which helps you automate the building new segments based on who is likely to purchase, who look like your VIPs, who is likely to opt out for automatic suppressions, and more.


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