Email Marketing Best Practices To Increase Engagement And Conversion

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Send email that your customers love.

Today’s consumer is inundated with marketing emails. Competition is steep, and with plenty of options in the digital retail marketplace, marketers are tasked with differentiating more on customer experience than traditional factors like product and price.

The good news? There is great opportunity for retailers to deliver superior customer experiences in the inbox with personalization, data science, automation and modern marketing techniques. As daunting as it may sound, we promise sending better email has never been easier.

Get a primer on how to refine your email marketing strategy with these best practices that offer step-by-step guidelines and recommendations that will help you deliver results.

1Modernize Your RFP
2Increase Email Revenue
3Email + Data Science
4Success with JustFab


Traditional email marketing is broken; move beyond batch-and-blast to sophisticated segmentation and 1:1 personalization.

Email is experiencing a renaissance. But the Request for Proposal process used by many digital retailers to select email service providers has lagged behind and is not equipped to evaluate for innovation or advancement. Modernize your RFP approach — and in effect, boost your email marketing strategy and results — with our guide, including the new questions to use in your own RFP.

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• Growth, engagement, retention rates and revenue
• Personalization sophistication
• Cross-channel marketing capabilities
• Effective reporting, impactful data, and predictive analytics


Turn email into your #1 channel for driving purchases with tried-and-true high impact strategies.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with your customers — and one of the best channels for driving conversion. Sailthru’s team of digital marketing strategists have worked with hundreds of marketers on thousands of campaigns to discover the highest impact strategies for increasing revenue from email. We compiled them in this easy-to-follow guide that will help you impact this critical metric.

• Strategies that will drive higher email revenue and channel ROI
• Priority tactics to test and deploy in order to put strategy into action
• Frameworks to measure and drill-down into your business’s email revenue
• Micro case studies on how brands like Alex and Ani and Nordstrom are using these tactics for success


Pair foundational best practices with innovation; data science is email marketing’s next frontier.

What if you could anticipate the next action your customers take? Or prevent them from opting out at just the right moment? With predictive analytics, marketers can easily make email marketing more effective and improve the customer experience for every customer..

Learn more in our Definitive Guide to Predictive Marketing including:
• How predictions are revolutionizing retail marketing
• The science behind automated, personalized predictions at scale
• Key questions to ask every prospective predictive tech during the evaluation process


Achieve Results like JustFab.

Find out how fast-growing apparel retailer JustFab has increased email conversion and decreased churn with Sailthru solutions by:

• Advancing email segmentation
• Introducing 1:1 product recommendations in email
• Implementing cross-channel personalization strategies

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