Email Marketing Automation for Retail

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“With Sailthru we’ve actually shifted our whole model — we’re steadily increasing engagement every single day. We feel like we’re finally figuring out a way to talk to our customers on an individual basis.”

Abbie Stalnaker

Marketing Manager

+100% increase in email revenue
 +4500% increase in return on ad spend using retention data to drive acquisition
 +82% increase in purchase conversion

Create Truly Unique Customer Experiences

With Sailthru’s approach to email marketing automation, it’s now easier for marketers to deliver 1:1 personalized experiences for every individual customer, at scale.

Build Market Leading Customer Profiles

Automatically collect data from all channels and create omnichannel profiles to deliver relevant and contextual emails to every individual customer.

Advance Segmentation and Personalization

Easily segment customers based on multiple dimensions, including engagement, demographics, interests, past behaviors and even predicted behaviors — and then deliver personalized experiences to your individual customers based on their specific interests and likelihood to purchase and engage.

Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

Deploy automated messages to your customers based on data from email, onsite, and mobile, and deliver those messages to any device or browser your customer may use.

Receive Insights That Matter

Leverage real-time automated reporting and marketing analytics that focus on the behaviors and interests of your customers, not just traditional click-through data.

Save Time on Execution, Focus on Strategy

Email marketing automation with Sailthru allows marketers more time to focus on the strategies that can impact their business’ bottom line, rather than wasting time completing menial tactical execution. By determining which strategies can best be automated, marketers can get one step ahead of their customers by delivering personalized and relevant content before a user’s expected time to conversion.

Increase Engagement with Your New Customers

Easily create and send automated welcome streams that drive further connection to your brand based on the data being collected about the user in Sailthru. behaviors and interests of your customers, not just traditional click-through data.

Maintain Consistent Engagement with Your Loyal Customers

Send daily or weekly newsletters, flash sales, and announcements to retain customers and drive higher revenue through automated testing and optimization.

Trigger Responses to Cart Abandonment

Recapture customers and missed revenue opportunities, by automating your brand’s response to an abandoned cart or entice browsers to buy with personalized browsing abandonment capabilities.

Personalize at Scale

With other ESPs personalization is time consuming and often goes only as deep as segmentation, but with Sailthru you can personalize for every individual. It’s why Facebook awarded us top honors for Personalized Marketing at Scale.


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