"In today’s digital age where you have a ton of data available to you, you have to know how to use that to personalize an experience for the consumer. We looked at a number of solutions and although they promised personalization it was really segmentation. And that’s what Sailthru can do: really dig in on a one-to-one basis and allow us to individualize in that way." Keith Ferry, SVP of Digital
+40% Increase in
email driven pageviews
+28% Increase in open rates
from Personalized Send Time
+28% Increase in clicks from
content recommendations in email


The Blaze is a political media powerhouse with their own TV and radio stations, books, and stalwart website. Their audience is deeply loyal, but even within that audience every individual has their topical interests and preferences in terms of author, contributor and media. Politics is polarizing and it’s crucial for The Blaze to ensure that they are listening and understanding each individual reader and then offering engaging content that the individual desires. Here were their goals:

  • Better understand individual reader behaviors and interests
  • Connect email and website experiences
  • Optimize email marketing performance
  • Increase pageviews generated by email marketing
  • Reduce email subscriber churn



With Sailthru, The Blaze has been able to supercharge engagement and drive operational efficiencies with automation and increased engagement with personalization. Our team identified multiple opportunities for the leading brand to deliver personalized experiences. The complete solution allows The Blaze to:

  1. Create individual reader profiles that include both email and website behavioral data
  2. Understand individual audience member’s topical interests and how individual interests compare to other readers
  3. Increase email response through personalized email subject lines and send time based on individual reader profiles
  4. Increase email conversion through personalized email content recommendations
  5. Measure impact of marketing programs to increase volume and value of retained email subscribers