"Sailthru had already proven we could improve email engagement significantly through personalization. We were eager to apply that capability to our website to see if we could improve on-site retention by connecting the email and web experiences. Our tests exceeded our expectations and proved SPM as a valuable tool in enhancing our user experience." Tim Glenister, CTO

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+77% Increase in pageviews by using personalized articles
rather than non personalized ones
+125% Lift from using personalized mixed content (videos & articles)
over non-personalized video content of the same type


As a lifestyle media brand, mindbodygreen is dedicated to revitalizing the way people eat, move and live. To help their customers live a healthier and happier life, mindbodygreen was in search of a solution that could help them engage their readers in a more personal way by delighting site visitors.

  • Increase time on site
  • Increase page views per session
  • Highlight evergreen content library



With Sailthru, mindbodygreen has been able to personalize content on their site, while maintaining editorial control with Site personalization Manager. By leveraging the single customer profile, the team at minbodygreen can personalize based on multiple customer attributes including wisdom of the crowd, predictions, and customer interests. The complete solution allowed mindbodygreen to:

  1. Personalize email via article recommendations and personalized video class recommendations
  2. Deploy personalized content recommendations onsite alongside hand-picked editorial content through Sailthru’s Site Personalization Manager (SPM)
  3. Test personalized articles and non-personalized video content against one another to determine lift to click-through rate and purchases
  4. Take from the results of the testing and deploy personalized articles with more prominence higher on the page to yield longer customer engagement and stronger conversion metrics


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