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How Magnolia Bakery Increased Sales With Better Customer Data

As Magnolia Bakery expanded from a local shop to a nationwide direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, the brand needed marketing tools that offered a holistic view of its customers.

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"We’ve uncovered email as a gem for our business."

Acquiring Platforms That Can Grow With The Business

Having outgrown its “batch-and-blast” approach to email marketing, Magnolia Bakery was ready for an email service provider with sophisticated data capabilities that could integrate with its existing sales platforms.

Magnolia knew the organization needed data and automation capabilities that could do two things: 1.) expand the size of its shopper database, while 2.) tailoring the brand’s marketing efforts to each customer — making every experience unique.

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The Benefits Of Test-And-Learn Strategies (A/B Testing)

In order to gain a stronger understanding of Magnolia Bakery’s customers and purchasing habits, the brand and Marigold Engage by Sailthru immediately got to work A/B testing new promotions and product offerings. The result?

Instant insights into which products the brand’s audience loves.

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“I can spend 10 minutes building and testing new audiences and walk away learning something new that almost always makes our strategy more effective.”

Adam Davis, Media and Marketing Manager

Building Personalized Journeys, One Customer At A Time

When the brand launched its new website, Magnolia began integrating customer data from Shopify into Sailthru’s email personalization tools. This integration allows the bakery to create customer segments based on purchases, browsing history, and geography.

Magnolia uses Shopify to tag consumers based on their product preferences and location. Using that data, Marigold Engage by Sailthru and Magnolia create location-based messaging that serves personalized promotions to specific customers, neighborhoods, and “home” store shoppers.

Driving Engagement And Growing Revenue Through Thoughtful Strategy

Since partnering with Marigold Engage by Sailthru, Magnolia Bakery has seen a huge boost in both email opens and open duration — a change that directly drives revenue growth and longer term customer retention.

Additionally, the average open rate for its email audience has increased by 36% over that span. And audiences aren’t just opening the brand’s personalized emails, either; they’re engaging with them at an unprecedented rate. Email subscribers now spend 35% more time on the brand’s website, and conversion rates have grown 39% as a result of Sailthru’s partnership.

“On the days we send emails we see a six to eight percent revenue lift. By making our strategy more thoughtful, we’ve uncovered email as a gem for our business.”

Adam Davis, Media and Marketing Manager

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