"The partnership we have with the Sailthru team enables us to continuously improve managing the expectations and reality of our personalization promise to our customers, while also making it easier to manage the internal connections needed with ecommerce, operations and customer service." Monica Deretich Vice President of Marketing & CRM
+50% Increase in
email conversion rate
46% Decrease in
customer churn rate


The cornerstone of JustFab’s success stems from a highly intelligent use of data management. JustFab turns to Sailthru’s robust multi-channel marketing capabilities to harness the power of all of this data collection to produce highly customized and relevant email messaging.

To capitalize on the uniqueness of every one of their buyers, JustFab utilizes Sailthru’s interest profiles, which allow marketers to tap in to the complete lifetime of buyer behaviors and interests in real time to create a fully dynamic experience. In this guide, we highlight five (of their many) email marketing tactics for success.

Get the case study to learn how JustFab:

  1. Increase number of variables used for segmentation, related to purchase patterns and interests
  2. Implement new email campaigns based on variables to increase engagement and conversion
  3. Deploy 1:1 personalized product recommendations in email campaigns
  4. Deploy emails with personalized send time to increase revenue and response KPIs
  5. Expand personalization to website, creating a consistent, individualized cross-channel approach by connecting email and web product recommendations


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