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How Personalization Pays Off for JustFab

How Personalization Pays Off for JustFab image

Increase in email conversion rate


Decrease in customer churn


JustFab improved its email performance by personalizing every element of its emails.


These Boots Are Made for Walking the Walk

Strong data collection isn’t enough. JustFab walks the walk by masterfully making use of that data. With Sailthru’s User Profiles, the retailer learns customers’ behaviors and preferences, assigning each customer interest scores for different products and setting a strong foundation for personalization.

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   These Boots Are Made for Walking the Walk


Recommending the Right Products — Everywhere

JustFab recommends the most relevant products, personalizing every element of an email. Thanks to dynamic personalization, JustFab customers see their preferred product categories in emails’ hero images and subject lines. Personalizing subject lines by category resulted in a 4.2% higher click-to-open rate.

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   Recommending the Right Products — Everywhere


Discounting Smarter, Not Harder

Discounts are a hallmark of holiday marketing. When those Black Friday promotions start, JustFab targets customers with items they’ve previously browsed or added to their carts. Testing a generic discount for new members vs. a discount for cart-abandoners, JustFab found that personalization prevailed; the latter had a 57% lift in RPM.

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   Discounting Smarter, Not Harder


Looking to the Little Black Bag

Since more than three-quarters of online shopping carts are abandoned, strong abandonment messaging is a must for modern retailers. JustFab goes above and beyond, keeping the abandoned cart — or little black bag — at the front of customers’ minds by inserting it in every email header. What’s more, the bag also incorporates dynamic personalization to include the number of items the customer abandoned.

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   Looking to the Little Black Bag

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