"Personalization is a part of the DNA at JustFab and Sailthru has really been the first company that has been a true partner to us. Sailthru has given us the ability to achieve our goals with personalized marketing and to more effectively retain customers and increase customer lifetime value." Monica Deretich Vice President of Marketing & CRM

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+50% Increase in
email conversion rate
46% Decrease in
customer churn rate
+39% Increase in email revenue using personalized product recommendations


JustFab is one of the fastest-growing digital retailers in the world, and they’re reinventing what it means to create an engaging, personalized and curated shopping experience. To ensure that their marketing efforts are just as personalized as their total customer experience, JustFab chose to partner with Sailthru. Here were their goals:

  • Increase the value and lifetime of their customers
  • Better understand individual shopping behaviors and interests
  • Connect and personalize email and website experiences
  • Decrease customer churn



With Sailthru, JustFab has increased both conversion rates through email and revenue from email using personalization. Our team identified multiple opportunities for this leading retailer to deliver personalized experiences. The complete solution allows JustFab to:

  1. Increase number of variables used for segmentation, related to purchase patterns and interests
  2. Implement new email campaigns based on variables to increase engagement and conversion
  3. Deploy 1:1 personalized product recommendations in email campaigns
  4. Deploy emails with personalized send time to increase revenue and response KPIs
  5. Expand personalization to website, creating a consistent, individualized cross-channel approach by connecting email and web product recommendations


Learn more about how JustFab achieved transformational results with Sailthru.