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How The Honey Baked Ham Company® Drives Revenue With Data-Driven Marketing

More than just being the HoneyBaked® ESP, Marigold Engage by Sailthru offers seamless integration and data upgrades that help unify three distinct revenue streams of this 60-year old family-owned business.

How The Honey Baked Ham Company® Drives Revenue With Data-Driven Marketing image

HoneyBaked needed a unified system for marketing across the three arms of its business

Connected Sales Data

By partnering with Marigold Engage by Sailthru, HoneyBaked was able to better see customer purchase habits, like whether someone bought the brand’s signature bone-in half ham or an everyday meal. These insights mean building a richer connection and better shopping experience for individual shoppers. HoneyBaked is able to send emails at precisely the time audiences are most likely to open. Additionally, HoneyBaked leverages data on browsing history, along with the items popular in the shoppers’ area, to both better inform customer engagement levels and deliver more relevant messages.

What Our Data + Reporting Delivers

AI-Driven Insights Into the Customer Journey

HoneyBaked now offers personalized messaging around all the special occasions when audiences have traditionally enjoyed their products, not just at the holidays, but for birthdays and big celebrations as well.

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“We have much stronger insight into customer preferences through the Lifecycle Optimizer feature including abandoned cart reminders and welcome/birthday/anniversary messaging. We plan on implementing more flows in the future to further our personalization efforts.”

Sarah Hunt, Email Marketing Strategist

Customer Service Upgrades

With a better view into the customer journey, HoneyBaked realized that shoppers had many of the same questions about preparation that overloaded their customer services department. The solution was to add in a triggered email series about preparation in advance of a shopper’s delivery date. Adding this personalized step into the purchasing journey has not only cut down on customer service calls, but also reduced churn by building trust with shoppers.

“Customer feedback is at the core of every decision we make. One of our most successful additions was creating a “What to Expect when expecting HoneyBaked” email that deploys 24 hours before their order arriving. It addresses all the common questions we normally receive from customers around preparation, serving and storing. Identifying that simple gap in communication and filling it through this email drastically decreased call volume.”

Mandy Muller, Director of Customer Experience

The Results

HoneyBaked has been pleased with the results since switching its ESP partnership to Sailthru. Campaigns have been streamlined and are better looking. The brand now has a unified system for marketing across the three arms of the business that delivers:

  • Stronger insight into the purchase journey
  • More personalized emails with reduced churn
  • One system that connects all their data including browsing history, what’s trending, what’s popular to better inform customer engagement levels

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