"Given that many of our customers have a long consideration window and lifecycle—from initial curiosity to lead to student to alumnus—it’s been a perennial challenge to connect those moments together and figure out the best way to nurture and engage along the way. Lifecycle Optimizer has opened up some powerful doors to let us test into meaningful solutions. " Greg Mortimer, Director, Email Marketing + CRM
+12% increase in leads for
high-value career accelerators
+40% in leads
from sweepstakes


General Assembly — the global education company that teaches individuals and companies the tech skills to stay competitive in the digital economy — began working with Sailthru in 2016. One of its key challenges is how to efficiently nurture someone from a potential student all the way through to becoming a graduate. General Assembly wanted to build, test, and measure journeys without tech resources.

General Assembly uses Sailthru’s email personalization and Lifecycle Optimizer product to:

  • Piece together the long life cycles they see in their business
  • Test complex reengagement paths
  • Send browse abandon emails by product to help nurture people’s interests based on their behavior