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How General Assembly Maximizes the Customer Journey

How General Assembly Maximizes the Customer Journey  image

Increase in leads for users acquired from sweepstakes


Increase in leads for highest-value full-time career accelerators


Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer helps General Assembly build, test and measure in a more efficient way.


Enhancing Email Personalization

General Assembly manages long customer lifecycles with the right content at the right time, between onboarding and “offboarding” series for new students and alumni, and post-purchase flows. What’s more, General Assembly is able to deploy these flows while incorporating every relevant data point in the Sailthru customer profiles.

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   Enhancing Email Personalization


Embracing Email Automation

Sending pre-course materials to individual students manually was a time-consuming process that resulted in inconsistent experiences from one geographic area to the next. Automation saves the General Assembly team a lot of time while allowing them to reach more people, reducing cancellation and withdrawal rates.

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   Embracing Email Automation


Eyeing Acquisition Source

After testing and tailoring flows based on acquisition source, General Assembly was able to prove that awareness-building content correlates with a 40% increase in leads from users acquired through sweepstakes.

   Eyeing Acquisition Source

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