"At Domino, we seek to engage with content, convert into transactions and ensure repeat visits. While open rates and click rates are the most popular ways of measuring email campaign success, they don’t show the whole picture. With Sailthru, we can truly understand our individual consumers by automation, testing, segmentation, and personalization." Hayley Squire Email Marketing Manager

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+14% Increase in email
clickthrough rates
+11% Increase in email
open rates
+23% Increase in


In 2014, Domino Media Group relaunched the cult-favorite Domino brand. To maximize their renaissance, Domino fused their already outstanding content and editorial presence with ecommerce. The move into ecommerce was the right strategy — today, Domino is a beacon for interior design lovers, and helps their audience turn creative passion into a reality with items available to shop onsite. To ensure they know their best customers and subscribers and can engage with the right message at the right time, Domino chooses Sailthru. Here were their goals:

  • Advance customer engagement through smarter email with segmentation and personalization
  • Increase critical email response KPIs for editorial content
  • Accelerate purchase conversion for products
  • Understand long-term trends based on acquisition source and other cohort attributes to continuously improve



With Sailthru, Domino has been able to fuse their content and commerce business, all the while maintaining the integrity of their personalization efforts in email and nurture. Our team identified multiple opportunities for this leading lifestyle brand to deliver customized experiences and convert readers to shoppers. The complete solution allows Domino to:

  1. Implement an A/B testing strategy using different subject lines on all sends
  2. Segment emails with more regular cadence to subscribers that are active daily and engaged in reading and/or buying
  3. Roll out new content series introducing the reader to Domino experience depending on the signup source (purchaser, non-purchaser, sweepstakes)
  4. Trigger emails to subscribers who convert onsite or abandon before purchase
  5. Layer in interest data in emails based on subscribers interests and behaviors
  6. Develop content/product based email stream sent to subscribers based on where they are in the purchase cycle


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