"It’s the powerful combination of segmentation, one-to-one personalization and long-term measurement that makes Sailthru unique and why they are the partner we continue to choose when it comes to increasing value from retained customers." Kathryn Wright, Managing Director
+28% increase in
+22% increase in
revenue per thousand emails sent
-10% decrease in
email subscriber churn


UK-based Discount Vouchers offers its 2 million customers exclusive discount codes and coupons for the world’s most popular retail brands, including Nike, Expedia, and Ticketmaster. Prior to working with Sailthru, the brand was not leveraging customer data to increase the sophistication of their retention marketing. Their goals included:

  • Understanding individual behaviors and interests
  • Optimizing email marketing performance
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Decreasing customer churn



Sailthru helped Discount Vouchers transform from batch-and-blast marketers to customer retention experts. By doing so, Discount Vouchers increased revenue 28% YoY and reduced customer churn by over 10%. Our solution included:

  1. Effective collection of email and website data and creation of a single customer view by storing all data within individual customer profiles.
  2. Variable behavioral identification and testing to ensure a strong foundation for advancing segmentation beyond demographics.
  3. Understanding specific customer interests and development of a product tagging strategy to ensure the effectiveness of personalization.
  4. Introducing a Preferences Center to enable shoppers to select the newsletter they wish to receive on any particular day of the week.
  5. Personalizing send time of email campaigns for every individual customer, with sends timed to historical response and conversion data.
  6. Deploying 1:1 personalized discount offers in email campaign based on preferences and geographical location of individual customers to increase revenue and response KPIs.
  7. Organizing compelling sponsored/solus marketing campaigns that deliver new users to selected partner brands.


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