"With Sailthru we’ve been transforming our customer experience one step at a time. The use of onsite personalization in a way that connects email and web has again allowed us to level jump. No other technology in the market has solutions this attuned to the needs of publishers. We’re better serving our audiences, meeting our goals for growth, and streamlining the time it takes to do both." Alan Melrose, Digital Commercialization Operations Manager
+20% Lift in page views
per session
+18% Lift in average session duration
of a visitor to the site
-4% Decrease in
in bounce rate


DC Thomson, a leading UK-based media enterprise, owns and operates publications and eCommerce properties. To support an advertiser and subscription based revenue model, publishers must consistently deliver users to their website. To ensure their digital experience is personalized across email and web for richer engagement with their customers, DC Thomson chooses Sailthru. Here were their goals:

  • Increase time on site
  • Increase page views per session
  • Increase in revenue from advertisements



With Sailthru, DC Thomson has been able to level up as a publisher. By leveraging the single customer profile and Site Personalization Manager, the team at DC Thomson can personalize content based on multiple customer attributes including wisdom of the crowd, predictions, and customer interests. The complete solution allowed DC Thomson to:

  1. Deploy SPM personalized content onsite for two evening edition media brands.
  2. Combine SPM placement with one editorially selected piece of content to test the efficacy of personalization on user engagement
  3. Provide more relevancy to their readers with personalized content in DC Thomson’s evening edition.
  4. Avoid personalized content from being seen twice between onsite and in email experiences with SPM. Once an article is read, it will not be recommended again to ensure a relevant and catered experience for the end user.


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