"Working with Sailthru has improved the way in which we engage with our customers longer-term. Our long-term success depends on our ability to build enduring and valuable relationships, which is why we've placed customer retention at the heart of our strategy." Maya Moufarek, CMO
+106% Increase in
mobile email revenue
43% Decrease in
customer churn rates
+17% increase in
total email revenue


Chemist Direct is a UK-based retailer shipping over 20 million items a year. Their offerings include an extensive range of Health and Beauty products in addition to medical prescription fulfillment. The company’s marketing leadership recognized the opportunity to further increase profitable growth through:

  • Consolidating multiple customer and channel data sets
  • Optimizing email marketing performance
  • Increasing revenue from mobile-focused consumers
  • Decreasing customer churn



With Sailthru, Chemist Direct dispensed with batch-and-blast marketing. Our Customer Retention Cloud enabled their team to create a personalized, cross-channel experience resulting in increased customer retention rates and incremental revenue from email and online channels. Our solution for Chemist Direct included:

  1. Combining email and website data to create a single customer view.
  2. Collecting individual customer interests based on clickstream data to identify product category and brand preferences.
  3. Streamlining email newsletter templates to increase operational efficiency and optimize for mobile conversion.
  4. Automating real-time triggered messaging and recurring newsletters; instituting a promotional newsletter message cap to reduce fatigue and churn.
  5. Instituting a tested welcome series to new email subscribers to increase speed to first purchase.
  6. Personalizing send time of recurring campaigns to individual customers based on their historical email opens.
  7. Personalizing product recommendations within email to drive long-term engagement and repeat purchase rates while decreasing churn.

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