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Cambio is an AOL-owned digital publisher spearheading the #builtbygirls movement and covering the latest news in entertainment, women’s issues, technology, and more. With a wide range of topics, Cambio’s needs to get the right content to the right readers. Their goals include:

  • Understand individual readers behaviors and interests
  • Deliver personalized email experiences
  • Optimize email marketing performance
  • Increase pageviews generated by email marketing



To achieve their objectives, Cambio leverages the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud’s Email Manager and Personalization Engine to create a connected experience between their email marketing and website experience. Our complete solution allows Cambio to:

  1. Collect email and website behavioral and interest data to create a comprehensive profile on every individual email subscriber.
  2. Segment readers based on specific behaviors to maintain cadence control for highly engaged readers and to re-engage lapsed readers
  3. Personalize recurring email newsletters with dynamic recommendations based on subscriber profiles to increase response and conversion.
  4. Measure impact of marketing programs to increase volume and value of retained email subscribers.


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