"Sailthru was like a revelation for us; they’ve always been out in front as one of the leaders in making sure we’re collecting data on individuals the right way." Adam Schwartz, COO & Co-Founder

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+400 % increase
in email revenue
+34 % increase
in incremental revenue


Created by the minds behind CollegeHumor.com, BustedTees has become one of the web’s leading online t-shirt brands. The company is known for making witty and funny t-shirts and the brand has now expanded to TeePublic.com, a curated community of independent t-shirt designers. To set the stage for their continued growth, BustedTees wanted to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase key customer retention metrics.
  • Move beyond batch-and-blast email marketing.
  • Personalize email, web and mobile engagements.



Digital marketers at BustedTees needed to find a single solution for making sense of their growing customer data and for delivering a personalized experience that would get the right products to the right buyers. With the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud, BustedTees was able to increase channel revenue by 400% through:

  1. Combining email and website clickstream data into comprehensive customer profiles.
  2. Identifying individual customer interests to drive segmentation and messaging personalization.
  3. Recognizing individual customer patterns for opening email and personalizing email newsletter sends for every customer to increase response rates.
  4. Measuring the downstream impact of marketing programs through cohort analysis to increase volume and value of retained customers.


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