"Sailthru is really an extension of our team; they’re committed to driving the success of our business and it’s a benefit of working with Sailthru that others simply don’t provide." Aaron Magness, CMO
+42% increase in
repeat purchase rates in a three-month time horizon
+17% increase in
email revenue
+12% increase in


When it comes to being customer-centric, few brands match Betabrand. The San Francisco based company is more online clothing community than online clothing retailer — they crowdsource product design and crowdfund them to life, which allows the company to understand demand for products well before they are launched. To have their marketing match their mantra, Betabrand needed to:

  • Centralize customer data to build comprehensive profiles and insights
  • Increase engagement, repeat visits and purchases
  • Increase customer lifetime and decrease customer churn



With new products launched every day, batch-and-blast marketing was no longer an option for keeping customers engaged, so Betabrand works with Sailthru to better understand their customers, keep them engaged and loyal, and generate more revenue. Here’s how the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud works for these leading digital retail marketers:

  • Build individual customer profiles that combine email, website and purchase data; including historical data, to create a single customer view.
  • Restructure email triggers and launch re-engagement campaigns, post-purchase series, abandonment campaigns and welcome stream series optimized by acquisition source and long-term revenue.
  • Deploy 1:1 personalized product recommendations in email campaigns to customers predicted to purchase, maintain content-focused campaigns to those not predicted to purchase.
  • Predict the likelihood of an individual customer to opt-out; suppress customers with high propensity to opt-out and optimize campaign messaging based on multiple thresholds.
  • Predict propensity to purchase in the next 24 hours and 7 days; optimize campaign volume, cadence and messaging based on likelihood to convert.
  • Measure long-term success of testing based on cohort data to increase customer lifetime, purchase frequency and purchase value.


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