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How Axios Built a Local Newsletter Business In Less Than a Year

After recognizing the need for local news coverage and geographically-themed newsletters, Axios turned to Sailthru to scale its coverage and expand its in-market newsletter initiatives.

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Axios needed a personalized way to deliver news and build local audiences

Scaling for Growth

The brand knew that not everyone would be interested in a local newsletter and relied on Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s vast database of subscriber preferences to identify which readers were most likely to convert.

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“Sailthru’s Lifecycle flow allows us to automate our marketing emails to our subscribers. It saves us time and allows us to cater our key messages, whether it’s to announce new newsletters or invite our readers to events that they may find interesting.”

Mia Vallo, Vice President of Growth

Personalized Send Times

Axios has seen open rates increase by eight percentage points since tapping into personalized send times. As an audience-first company, the brand’s goal is to get their readers smarter, faster. Sending emails when they are most likely to be read is another way that Axios reinforces its commitment to Smart Brevity and respecting its readers’ time.

Get Personal At the Perfect Time

Churn Flows

Axios is highly attuned to keeping tabs on unengaged readers and maintaining lists of people who truly want to be receiving the brand’s content.

“We think of the churn function as an essential part of our lifecycle. If you don’t want something, we respect your inbox and take that burden off of readers to make it easy for subscribers and to keep our lists healthy. Our goal is to make it as easy and satisfying for readers as possible.”

Mia Vallo, Vice President of Growth

The Results

Axios Local is growing. There are now 21 local editions with plans for four more by the end of 2022. Readership levels are exceeding expectations, and most local offices employ at least two full-time local reporters. By maintaining an audience-first philosophy, Axios is resurrecting local news coverage in a way that:

  • Increases reader and subscriber engagement
  • Keeps email newsletter subscriber lists healthy
  • Drives conversions for the publisher’s new products

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