"Increasing key retention metrics: purchase conversion and average order value."

Increasing Revenue from Email:

The Definitive Strategy Guide for Fashion, Apparel and Specialty Retail Brands

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21 % Increase in purchase conversion
2.3 % Increase in Average Order Value


AMARO is Brazil’s largest fashion ecommerce brand. It’s known for featuring bi-weekly collections incorporating the latest high-end trends at budget-conscious prices. AMARO’s overarching goal was to increase revenue from retained customers. Specific objectives included:

  • Centralize data and analytics from disparate systems into one tool.
  • Understand customers at the individual level.
  • Deliver personalized product recommendations in email and via their website.
  • Increase customer lifetime value.



Trend-based buyers never want to miss an opportunity; however, AMARO’s previous personalization provider was unable to meet the needs of this leading brand and its customers. With Sailthru, AMARO increased customer lifetime value with the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud by:

  1. De-siloing channel data and building a single customer view with data detailing individual-level behaviors, interests, engagement frequency, purchase behaviors and other critical measures.
  2. Personalizing email and website experiences with dynamic recommendations based on customer profiles and location to increase response and revenue.
  3. Measuring downstream impact of marketing programs through holistic data analysis to increase purchase conversion and average order value.

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