Updated Magento Plugin

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our Magento plugin with easier to use features to help any eCommerce platform integrate their Magento emails within the Sailthru platform. Why is this exciting? With the adoption of the Magento plugin you can now use features from Magento with Sailthru’s platform to retrieve real time analytics and data from your users (real time = NOW).

The new Sailthru Magento plugin features include:

  • Easy purchase API implementation to send personalized abandoned shopping cart emails.
  • A plug and play version of Horizon to effortlessly gather data on your users’ interests as they browse and place items in their shopping cart – all with one click!
  • Send dynamically targeted emails using our Horizon technology and your collected user interest data.
  • Integrate our Concierge slider to recommend products to your users, based on their interest data, in real time, automatically.

To find out more on how to integrate and use the Magento plugin, please visit our documentation.