Sailthru Client BustedTees Featured on MarketingSherpa

A passion all of us at Sailthru share is getting our clients to actualize untapped potential through the tools of our product suite. And there’s nothing better than seeing undeniable, quantifiable results.

One of our clients who has seen significant success using Sailthru is t-shirt brand, BustedTees. They implemented the personalized send time (PST) feature to target individual customers in a more strategic way. Through some really smart testing and analyzing, BustedTees began to see marked lift in their campaign’s ROI.

Members of the BustedTees team recently shared their story using PST with MarketingSherpa for a special case study on email marketing.

Go check out the full study, “BustedTees’ Personalized Send times Increase Email Revenue 8%”, to see how BustedTees made PST work for them to produce a 11% increase in clickthrough rate and speed up their revenue stream.