Social Share

Any piece of content in your newsletter should have social sharing potential. If it doesn’t then perhaps it’s just not engaging enough to be in there. Having share links at the top and bottom of your newsletter is not enough. Show your subscribers that you are big on social media by making it as easy […]

Preference Centers

In email marketing a preference center is a page where subscribers can customize their interactions with you – the most basic example being frequency AKA opting down or subject matter and then being able to change those settings at their will. Preference centers were put forward under the rationale that it’s better to offer someone […]

Inbox Respect

Mike May wrote a great post Tuesday about respecting your subscribers, and we found it inspirational here at Sailthru! He provided real life examples of disrespect, or a sense of entitlement, that at times can feel way too common in today’s society. Especially here in NYC, I imagine many of us have experienced that stark […]

Email Marketing: Where Everyone Should Know More Than Just Your Name

In a previous post I made the case that the best segmentation is a segment of one – you can’t get more targeted than this. As with just about anything in our digital world, segmenting is just a term for using computers to do on a large scale what humans do naturally everyday – sort […]

Not a Race of Fractions

Marketers have tried for so long to make everyone fit into the same few “pigeon holes” by necessity that we’ve become complacent and assume there isn’t a better way. Because we have been limited by the technology available, we’ve focused our efforts on penning people into these nice demographic groups, but it’s a fair question to […]

off topic: be aware – unsecured wifi networks

So this is a little off topic, but as most people who know me, know; I have some strong opinions on security in web systems. I’ve been seeing this for a while, but it seems to be getting more prolific and I haven’t found any articles about this online so I’m posting this in the […]

Upcoming Launch: New Interface!

On July 30th, Sailthru will roll out a redesign of our new user interface (UI).  Our front-end developer, Emily Maskin, is the driving force behind the new interface, and we think it’s a more inspired, intuitive and informative design.   The redesign will sport a fresh look, an improved organization, more information at your fingertips […]

Gmail Reveals Authentication Data in Emails

Have you taken a look at Gmail’s new interface within the past week?  If so, you may have noticed that Google now adds extra information next to the sender’s name. For example: Providing this information is Gmail’s way of letting the recipient know if the message is coming from a trusted sender.  Now, when you […]

Today’s Launches: Scout and “Your News”

View it now! I am excited to announce that our client and partner Business Insider has launched “Your News,” a new service powered by Scout, Sailthru’s latest behavioral product. Your News provides the new level of personalization that’s sorely needed to meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated consumers. There’s too much information online for me […]

Optdown vs. Unsubscribe

I recently unsubscribed from an email…and it got me thinking about opting down vs. unsubscribing. Have you ever unsubscribed from an email sent by a company you really like just because you just felt like your inbox was being invaded?  Most of us have.  Two of the main reasons users unsubscribe is because they feel […]
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