Social Media : The Child Raised by a Village

Before social media came along, marketers were playing by another team’s  rules on the other team’s court. Every aspect of the campaign was dictated by rigid formats of traditional media. Traditional media was a middleman who delivered your message one way and under strict conditions. Even the reporting you had access to was not really […]

Five Ways to Re-purpose Content in Your Email Marketing

If you are using Sailthru as your email service provider, than you already know that products such as Horizon super charge personalization, relevancy and engagement, resulting in more love for your content, more click-throughs and more conversions. Even so, not all the content in your email marketing newsletters will get the love you think it deserves. […]

Caring is Sharing in Email Marketing

Recently the team at Sailthru has been discussing what local or national causes we might want to start supporting. This is an important subject because the causes you support as a brand and the way you support them can say a lot to customers and potential customers. I don’t have to tell you about how […]

Fantastic! Four Simple Tools to Help Generate More Engaging Email Content

If you already use Sailtru, then when it comes to relevancy and engagement, you already have the advantage due to our unique behavioral tracking technology. You know what your subscribers want and you know when and how they want it. You’re ahead of the game and that’s great, but you still have to generate that […]

Five Things You Shouldn’t Do at a Party or in Email Marketing

Basic human interaction has some rules of thumb. Socializing for work or pleasure has a number of potential pitfalls, but luckily most of us learn to avoid them. Email, Twitter, Facebook are all social networks. Any interaction between two humans is social, regardless of what channel that interaction takes place on. So, there’s no reason […]

Email Marketing : Serve the Reader!

A good publisher or editor is guided by one primary question when it comes to content: does it serve the reader? If this is your guiding principle, then your readers will always find good value in your content. To engage subscribers your content has to be relevant, and must serve the reader. People are not […]

How Multi-channel Marketing is Like a Video Game

Possibly the best multi-channel marketing analogy I ever came up with has to do with a classic video game from my youth. In Frogger, your job is to guide a wayward amphibian across a busy highway and then across a raging river, dodging cars and leaping onto fast moving logs in order to reach the […]

In Email Marketing Familiarity Breeds Success

According to MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the top three types of subject lines which compel people to open a marketing email contain one of these: Discount offer Free product offer Familiar brand name There’s no argument from me about those first two. However, it’s the third one I want to touch on in […]

The Art of Conversation in Email Marketing

When I started in radio broadcasting, one of the first skills I had to develop was the art of having a conversation with someone you weren’t even sure was actually there. It’s a challenge which confronts writers as well. As a young broadcaster I was instructed to imagine myself sitting across a kitchen table from […]

Survey: Affluent Adults More Open to Trading Personal Info for a Better Online Experience

According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, reported by Direct Marketing News, affluent consumers are more willing to share their information for a personalized experience than the general population. IAB commissioned Ipsos Mendelsohn to survey 2,088 adults and found that 32% of affluent customers (household income over $100,000) were willing to share their information […]
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