In Email Marketing Familiarity Breeds Success

According to MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, the top three types of subject lines which compel people to open a marketing email contain one of these: Discount offer Free product offer Familiar brand name There’s no argument from me about those first two. However, it’s the third one I want to touch on in […]

The Art of Conversation in Email Marketing

When I started in radio broadcasting, one of the first skills I had to develop was the art of having a conversation with someone you weren’t even sure was actually there. It’s a challenge which confronts writers as well. As a young broadcaster I was instructed to imagine myself sitting across a kitchen table from […]

Survey: Affluent Adults More Open to Trading Personal Info for a Better Online Experience

According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, reported by Direct Marketing News, affluent consumers are more willing to share their information for a personalized experience than the general population. IAB commissioned Ipsos Mendelsohn to survey 2,088 adults and found that 32% of affluent customers (household income over $100,000) were willing to share their information […]

Groupon Filing

Yesterday Business Insider reported on Groupon and its seemingly declining returns in their second oldest market, Boston. According to the post, while Groupon has added 21% more subscribers and almost 50% more featured merchants, Groupons sold per subscriber declined by 17.6% in the most recent quarter. The equation for success in email marketing just isn’t […]

Generating Content and Ideas Via Social Media

Integrating email and other channels such as Twitter and Facebook is very important to your email marketing efforts. However, it’s not just about sharing content and cross-promoting your email marketing. It’s also about generating ideas and involving your subscribers. If you are using Sailthru then you already have a huge advantage when it comes to […]

Best Practices

Email marketing has a dirty little secret: workarounds evolving into best practices. Best practices are not made into hard and fast rules (or laws for that matter) because they’re really just the most that can be offered because of the technical limitations at a given time. At some ESPs, segmenting is considered a best practice. […]

Social Share

Any piece of content in your newsletter should have social sharing potential. If it doesn’t then perhaps it’s just not engaging enough to be in there. Having share links at the top and bottom of your newsletter is not enough. Show your subscribers that you are big on social media by making it as easy […]

Preference Centers

In email marketing a preference center is a page where subscribers can customize their interactions with you – the most basic example being frequency AKA opting down or subject matter and then being able to change those settings at their will. Preference centers were put forward under the rationale that it’s better to offer someone […]

Inbox Respect

Mike May wrote a great post Tuesday about respecting your subscribers, and we found it inspirational here at Sailthru! He provided real life examples of disrespect, or a sense of entitlement, that at times can feel way too common in today’s society. Especially here in NYC, I imagine many of us have experienced that stark […]

Email Marketing: Where Everyone Should Know More Than Just Your Name

In a previous post I made the case that the best segmentation is a segment of one – you can’t get more targeted than this. As with just about anything in our digital world, segmenting is just a term for using computers to do on a large scale what humans do naturally everyday – sort […]
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