How Artsy Is Using Email to Bring the Art World Online

The art world may have been reluctant to come online, but in the past few years a number of startups have been busy ushering the art business into the digital era. One of a handful of heavyweights in this arena is Artsy, which aims to make the world’s art accessible to anyone with an internet […]

3 Ways Your Company’s App Can Drive In-store Purchases

This post originally appeared on In 2011, 35% of Americans reportedly owned a smartphone of some kind, but by the end of 2016 that number skyrocketed to nearly 80%. Americans over the age of 50, the low-income population, and — of course — younger generations are now all mobile enabled. As the mobile marketing […]

The Telegraph Wins With Travel-Related Ecommerce; Facebook Revises Policies on Clickbait

Ongoing store closures are continuing to fuel a downward cycle for brick-and-mortar retailers. Store closings—at least partly due to online shopping – encourage even more consumers to shift to online shopping, according to a survey from Internet Retailer. We’ll also see what the U.K.’s The Telegraph is doing to position ecommerce sales to outpace those […]

How Rich Media Can Help Boost User Engagement for Your Email Campaign

 This is a guest post from our partners at EmailMonks. Imagine showing an upcoming Offer and reflecting your brand image through a plain text email. It becomes a bit difficult to depict everything using text as it gets long and illegible, doesn’t it? Think of the same email designed with exciting images, videos and animation […]

The 7 Most Innovative Mobile Partners for Retailers and Publishers

This post was originally published by Sailthru on VentureBeat. At Sailthru, we work with a full range of integration partners and agencies, and we’ve seen first-hand that each has something different, and unique, to offer. There’s no single partner or agency that’s going to be best for every single brand or project. That being said, there […]

The Justuno Guide to Personalizing Your Email Marketing with Popups

If the last email you sent to your customers had their first name merged somewhere in the copy and you felt it was personalized…it IS a step in the right direction, but there are much more impactful tactics you can employ to increase conversions. Once you understand what true personalization is and exactly how you […]

Out-Personalizing Amazon — How to Beat the Ecomm Giant at its Own Game

With Amazon continuing to grow market share in retail ecommerce — and now expanding to traditional retail storefronts — many retailers are working to hone their edge in order to compete. But while Amazon has a lock on the operations and fulfillment side of the customer experience, there are gaps in the giant’s approach to […]
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