Increasing Repeat Purchase Rates: Generating New Growth from Current Customers

In the competitive, low-margin world of online retail, repeat purchases from loyal customers lead to long-term growth and increased market share. Amazon’s continually rising stock price, which hit $856 in February, shows that Wall Street has heard this message loud and clear. Despite years of razor-thin profits, investors continue to believe that Amazon’s 65 million Prime members, and […]

9 Key 2017 Retail Trends (and How to Put Them Into Action) [Webinar]

Every year it seems marketers are challenged to exceed their goals with less resources and we confirmed this when we surveyed more than 200 retail marketers to find out how their programs did in 2016, how they plan to approach the coming challenges in 2017 and where they are most focused when it comes to […]

How Software Engineering Made Neil Lustig a Better CEO [First Round Review]

This article originally appeared on First Round Review. Early in his career, Neil Lustig faced a choice: continue his fast ascent as one of IBM’s most promising engineers in a satellite office or take an entry-level sales position in its larger New York City location. His boss told him the move would end his career, […]

Only 17% of Brands Fully Understand This Key Metric

If you want to understand customer retention, you need to understand customer lifetime value. Unfortunately, customer lifetime value can be tricky to define and measure (how long is a customer lifetime, anyways?). Because of that, many marketers stumble over it, and turn to metrics such as customer satisfaction and net promoter scores instead. Only 17% […]

Becoming Loyalty-First with The Holiday Place: A Q&A with Sergio Garcia Gonzalez

The Holiday Place is a UK-based travel company that wants to create the holiday of your dreams. Yes, YOUR dreams; an unforgettable experience that is tailor made for you. It’s a huge differentiator between the other travel companies out there selling one-size-fits-all travel bundles. Sergio Garcia Gonzalez, the Head of Marketing and IT at The […]

[NEW RESEARCH] Why Personalization, Automation & the Rise of AI Will Set You Free

Over the last few years, traditional retail has stagnated with some of the world’s most ubiquitous retailers shuttering their storefronts. But as total retail sales stay flat, digital retail is experiencing rapid growth with no signs of slowing in the years to come. According to a late 2016 eMarketer study, digital retail sales grew 23.7% […]

Why We Love Tradesy, and Why You Should Meet Them at eTail West

Tradesy, fashion’s go-to luxury marketplace, is redefining the luxury shopping world. Since launching in 2012, the ecommerce and online fashion apparel reseller has amassed millions of devoted customers by embracing the idea of a “collaborative economy” — offering luxury used or unused clothing and accessories from brands like Chanel, Tory Burch and Saint Laurent at […]

Increasing Repeat Visits: Let Readers Take Charge and Optimize the Experience

Modern, digital consumers are used to being in charge. They get what they want, when and where they want it. When engaging with and reading digital content, consumers have the same expectations and meeting those expectations can help to drive repeat visits. Consider the following scenario: A reader gets the day’s headlines at 5 p.m. […]

6 Email Deliverability Tips All Marketers Need to Know

Email deliverability, or the ability to ensure your email messages land in the inbox of the intended recipient, is not always top of mind for marketers planning their email strategies and campaigns. As a result, many marketers don’t have proper awareness of inbox performance until messages are already in the junk/spam folder, blocked and/or suffering […]

Rent the Runway and Starbucks Double Down on Mobile Engagement and Innovation

Leading retailers are eagerly adopting mobile to increase engagement with their customers — or in Starbucks’ cases, further investing in what’s already proved to be an insanely effective loyalty tool. Rent the Runway recently announced they’ll be using chat to engage shoppers personally before they show up to shop and then continue the experience in-store, […]
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