6 Email Deliverability Tips All Marketers Need to Know

Email deliverability, or the ability to ensure your email messages land in the inbox of the intended recipient, is not always top of mind for marketers planning their email strategies and campaigns. As a result, many marketers don’t have proper awareness of inbox performance until messages are already in the junk/spam folder, blocked and/or suffering […]

Personalization Will Grow Your Business – Or Your Competitor’s

If you’re still not convinced that personalization can bring substantial benefits to the companies that adopt it, the results from a new survey by Boston Consulting Group just might persuade you. BCG queried more than 50 large companies and found that: True personalization spurs growth. Brands that create personalized experiences by combining digital technologies and […]

How to Elevate Your Abandoned Cart Campaigns with Customer-Centricity

Nothing is harder for online retailers to swallow than fully loaded abandoned shopping carts. Unfortunately, they are a fact of the business: According to research from Baymard Institute, this happens on average almost 70% of the time. For a situation that arises so frequently, strategies to convert a full cart into a completed transaction abound. […]

3 Steps to Maximizing the Potential of Your Email Marketing Program

This post originally appeared on MarTech Advisor here.  All marketers have seen the stat that $44 is the average expected return for every dollar invested in email marketing. But getting to 44 times more ROI — or even greater levels — is not as easy as pressing send. Today’s consumer is overwhelmed by email volume, and […]

How Segment Makes Data More Useful: A Q&A with CEO Peter Reinhardt

Peter Reinhardt is co-founder and CEO of Segment, a company that lays claim to developing the first customer data platform. That platform, says Reinhardt, allows leaders in all department’s functional areas of a company to access the data they need within the tools they’re already using, without having to perform multiple integrations with a central […]

The 6 Must-See Sessions at GrowCommerce2017

What’s top of mind for every retail and ecommerce professional? Better strategies to acquire, grow and retain their customers. GrowCommerce is back for its fourth year — a one day, invite only conference curating the best practices, insights, and industry predictions from ecommerce and retail leaders, all surrounding customer acquisition and retention. If you’re one […]

Preparing for Global Email Legislation Changes: What Email Marketers Need to Know

Email laws are a necessary protection for today’s digital consumer. While all of us enjoy the benefits of these legislations as end-users, the laws can be hard to understand and are changing. There are two significant dates coming up that will shake up some of the biggest email legislation on the planet, including laws in […]
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