Why You Need to Innovate Your Email Marketing Now

In this rapidly evolving age of the Internet of Things, an ever-expanding social landscape, virtual reality and more, email marketing may seem “old school” to some, but don’t be fooled: email delivers massive value to all marketing programs.

Big Brands’ Dash for Amazon Cash Is No Joke

Amazon Dash, the push-button auto-replenishment service that the e-commerce giant has begun testing with select Amazon Prime members, could give big packaged-goods brands the edge they've been looking for on a playing field where the industry's traditional behemoths have been getting pushed around by smaller players.

Welcoming Neil Lustig to the Helm

Sailthru has been a family since we launched in 2008, and since that time, we've been lucky enough to lead hundreds of the brightest minds and one of the fastest growing companies in NYC’s booming tech scene.

Must Read: Debunking the 5 Myths of Personalization Parts 1 & 2

There is quite a bit of dissonance surrounding personalization as a practice and as a marketing mindset, including a huge proliferation of personalization myths; EVERY marketer needs to check out Neil Capel dispel these personalization myths and outline the real deal for personalization today over on Diginomica.

The Email Marketing Testing Paradox

It fascinates me that in 2015 digital marketers still have to convince each other that real testing is important -- why is it that we still need to convince ourselves that decisions should be driven by data and metrics and not gut feeling?

How Online Publishers Build Community With Social Login

Remember when news media started migrating onto the Internet and everyone lost their minds proclaiming the “death” of the written word--apparently the invention of the Internet meant no one in the world would ever want to read in print again, and most publishers wouldn’t survive the dark waters of online expression.
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