Why Translating Your Market Segmentation to Personas Make Both More Useful

Download Sailthru’s report, in partnership with Forbes Insights, “Retentionomics: The Path to Profitable Growth”, to uncover research that equips marketing leaders with the insights on acquisition and retention needed to drive growth.  — Market segmentation and personas have the same goal: to help you understand your customers so you can market to them effectively. On the […]

You’re Doing it Wrong: CAC, LTV, Google and ClassPass

This week’s issue of This Week in Retention features three missives from the file folder headed, “You’re Doing it Wrong!” We’re on board with two of the three: We’d bet many companies are calculating their CAC and LTV incorrectly, and it does appear that Google analytics is making a mess of measuring time on-page. ClassPass, […]

This Week in Retention: Personalization’s Cool vs. Creepy Matrix

We all know that personalization done wrong comes off as creepy rather than helpful. But where exactly is the line between cool and creepy? This week, Accenture asks that exact question in a large survey; loyalty programs go card-free; and superior personalization actually saves a life. That’s cool, no matter how you look at it. […]

New York Media + Sailthru: Adopting Agile Digital Publishing Solutions

Publishers are challenged by thinking strategically and digitally at the same time. In order to manage and monetize the needs of modern audiences, media must embrace agility as the new normal. Where do publishers begin to better monetize and offer value to readers and advertisers? Well, first consider your highest value channel: email. Email marketing […]

Discount Vouchers Focuses on Retention to Increase Revenue by 28%

With the emergence of flash sale sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Gilt Groupe all accruing sky-high valuations in the past years, it seemed as though new deals sites began popping up daily. But recently, we’ve seen a rise and fall of the biggest players in the space, leaving many marketers pondering the sustainability of the […]

The Talk Around the Shop: Top 5 Themes from Shoptalk 2016

Shoptalk started as a concept several months ago to bring together retailers, innovative disruptors and venture capitalists under one roof to debate, discuss, and explore the retail industry. Over the past three days the concept became a reality, with over 3,000 attendees in a thought-provoking inaugural event. The retail industry is in a ferocious state […]
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