"Sailthru isn’t just a technology company, it’s a competitive differentiator. I highly recommend Sailthru to retailers looking to deliver on a multichannel strategy, advance email marketing and personalize the customer experience." Craig Schinn, Senior Director of Ecommerce and Online Marketing
+175% increase in
revenue per thousand emails sent
+71% increase in
total email revenue
-72% decrease
in customer churn


The Clymb is one of the fastest-growing adventure and outdoor brands, and a leader on the Internet Retailer Top 1,000 list. With more than 5 million customers, The Clymb identified an opportunity to optimize revenue by increasing retention. They looked to identify a partner that would help their marketers to:

  • Connect customer data sets for email marketing, website engagement and mobile applications
  • Deliver true, 1:1 personalization to increase revenue from email and web sales
  • Increase customer lifetime value by impacting average order value, purchase frequency and customer churn



With Sailthru, The Clymb was able to leapfrog their competition. Following a seamless implementation, they quickly began using multiple capabilities within the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud and realized a 71% increase in total email revenue and a 72% decrease in customer churn. Here’s how Sailthru delivered:

  1. Collected behavioral, interest and purchase data from all digital channels–email, web and mobile app–to create a single view of customers.
  2. Personalized email campaigns and onsite experiences with dynamic recommendations based on customer profiles to increase response and revenue.
  3. Predicted the next action top customers are likely to make, and automatically tailor messaging based on the predicted behavior to ensure revenue generation potential.
  4. Increased accuracy of “top customers” based on predicted likelihood to purchase and predicted average order value.
  5. Identified trends and gaps in marketing through longitudinal analysis and reporting.


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