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Our mission is to transform the way companies build and maintain relationships with their customers by taking an individual user-first approach to increase engagement.By using Sailthru Smart Data technology leading brands can personalize their communications and onsite experiences. All automatically and in real time.Our recommendation slider automatically measures the level of interest of every article to you and to each individual. We combine the popularity of an article or piece of content onsite and then match that with your previous browsing history with the brand so that you experience the most relevant and engaging content. We believe that no two individuals should experience the brand in the same way.We make it easier for customers to find the information they want and for brands to give their customers what they want!

If you’re a customer who doesn’t like recommended content or more relevant experiences, no problem. Go ahead and click the x button on the upper right corner and it will be removed for a period of 30 days.

We help brands develop stronger and longer lasting relationships with their customers. Happy brands, happy customers – it’s what we’re about.