AOL To Offer One-Stop Shopping for Ad-Tech With Single Platform


After steadily building up an arsenal of ad-tech software, AOL is now planning to integrate its products into a single platform, called One by AOL, the company announced today. For AOL, the move is driven by a desire to position itself as a simpler ad-tech solution amidst an ecosystem that can be bafflingly complex. Companies


What You Need to Know About Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

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Ken Pfeiffer is the Global Director of Delivery for Sailthru. Ken has been involved working in the email delivery space for more than 10 years, and specializes in delivery at scale.  – Despite being hailed as the world’s strictest anti-spam law, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) might have managed to slip under your radar. The


New Feature: Query Builder Date Criteria

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We kicked off this week by releasing some new Query Builder criteria to help you strategize and create more dynamic communications for your customers. By setting the “is before date”, “is since date”, “is on date” criteria, you can compile a Smart List that will change your audience dynamically depending on the date you set.


36% Of All Web Traffic Is Fake


Just over one-third of Web traffic is fraudulent, the Wall Street Journal reports, and robots are to blame. The fake traffic comes from botnets that click on shady sites which have been created solely to generate false pageview impressions, gathering advertising dollars for site owners in the process. The scheme works because advertisers only pay


3 Secrets to Building Billion-Dollar Apps


1. When it comes to developing mobile applications, no design method is easier or more cost-effective than paper-based prototyping. When you’re working with paper, you’re free to make conceptual modifications to your design without suffering the economic burden traditionally associated with app development. Paper-based prototyping lends you the economic flexibility to pivot, or change directions,