Boarding the B-U-S: Defining and Measuring Personalization in a Multi-Channel World


A few years ago, when marketers discussed customer personalization, they were likely referring to a customer’s first name in a subject line, customer segments based on attributes like recency and frequency, and perhaps even some “also viewed” product recommendations. These approaches proved valuable from a conversion perspective and undoubtedly still do, but, truth be told,


How To Sync Your E-commerce Store With Your Offline Business


This article from The Next Web is a great 101 piece for any retailer looking to connect their consumer experiences. Rather than just building customer profiles that track shopping behaviors, truly powerful data comes from tracking both those behaviors AND consumer interest data. Through this combination of explicit and implicit data, the online and offline


5 Reasons Shopping In Stores Will Never Go Away


We 100% agree with this piece from Business Insider, but would add that the shopping experience can always be improved. Consumers don’t shop online just because of convenience and choice, they shop online because more and more online retailers are personalizing the experience. It’s the conversation that should be happening for every retailer moving forward.