Sailthru Delivers 123% ROI for eCommerce Brands


What do you do when the results you produce – 400% acceleration to first-time purchases, 73% increase in revenue due to cart recovery, 20% increase in Customer Lifetime Value – are actually unbelievable? You partner with the one of the world’s most respected research analyst houses to verify your results. We are thrilled to announce


How to Run A/B Tests That Bring BIG Landing Page Results


A/B testing offers online marketers like you a host of potential benefits including a lower bounce rate,  higher open rates and click-through rates in your email marketing and most importantly, more sales. When you do A/B testing, your customers and page visitors are giving you a gift; they are telling you what they like and don’t


Native Advertising Comes to eCommerce


If digital publishers thought they had native advertising all to themselves, they may want to think again. Some of the world’s biggest ecommerce sites are getting in the native game, courtesy of a partnership between native ad-tech company TripleLift, and BazaarVoice, a technology company that powers ecommerce reviews and owns an ecommerce-focused ad business as


The Top Brands Using Twitter Cards


Twitter cards are a compelling way to help your social media accounts become revenue-generating machines. These cards are all awesome strategies for using the tool, from simple product pushes to event RSVPs to collection launches. Even better than Twitter cards alone? An integration with your CRM, email, or omnichannel platform — like we have at


Join Sailthru & eCommerce Leaders at GrowFashion


Has there ever been a better time to be in the fashion industry? With the continual economic surge of ecommerce — $43.2 billion revenue generated in 2014 Q2 alone — being chic is more accessible than ever and brands are able to communicate with customers in new, innovative and awesome ways. Amid that shift, fashion